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Author Topic: Another 2000AD read thread  (Read 1557 times)

Colin YNWA

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Re: Another 2000AD read thread
« Reply #30 on: 21 March, 2017, 10:16:01 pm »
Folk time and again trot out the old 'no good after Book 4' fallacy (sorry Colin!)

Oh oh oh just to qualify

... which to be honest I regard as anything after book 4 which is a bit silly of me! I've never held them in as high regard as the earlier books, they are pretty damned fine and I do really like them, but for some reason I always think of it being a slow decline in quality..

I do like them, they are great, just not as good. .. just I have a feeling I might be wrong as you suggest!

Oh and I'm not sure that Book 4 is a high water mark (I think that might be book 3 for me?) but those first 4 books are just so special.


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Re: Another 2000AD read thread
« Reply #31 on: 22 March, 2017, 11:52:53 am »
Nemesis is definitely one of my all time favourite thrills. It vies with Slaine for 3rd place probably.

I like to think pretty much nothing in the Prog can touch books 1,3 and 4. (Apart from possibly Warriors Dawn,  series 1 of ABC Warriors and Zenith Book 1).

I remember feeling a sense of loss at the end of Book 4. I really thought that would be it, but then they found a way to bring Torquemada back. And wasn't it great. Book 5, treads water a bit, relatively, but it all ramps up in Book 6. The scenes at the end of the world are just superb, especially the way Torquemada gets the terminators on his side again. I just love how Bryan Talbot got expressions out of Torquemada's mask.

Possibly unfairly I liked it less after that. I think it was a combination of the different settings and different artists. Before that it had a consistent feel, now the style seemed to change radically. I wasn't a big Hickleton fan, but can absolutely see his art has merit. It then seemed a bit of a hotch-potch after that. Which I am sure is extremely unfair on the likes of David Roach. And I freely admit that in Book 10 I had yet to realise how brilliant Henry Flint was  - it just seemed like some-one doing a Kev O'Neill impression.