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Author Topic: Podcasts  (Read 850 times)

Eamonn Clarke

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Re: Podcasts
« Reply #30 on: 08 March, 2017, 08:58:44 pm »
Star Maidens was actually German.  Which might explain a lot about it.

Yup, a bizarre Brit-German co-production that was filmed at Hammer's Bray studios.
It is 100% terrible though.


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Re: Podcasts
« Reply #31 on: 09 March, 2017, 05:12:24 am »
A second vote here for The Adventure Zone, which is enormous fun. I've been doing a lot of driving lately and it's sustained me well. It's best to start at the beginning, though, and I'm now just over a year behind! There are more than 50 hour-long episodes.

I also really like War Rocket Ajax, a comics podcast which has even featured Arthur Wyatt at least twice. Their ranking projects (one for characters and another for stories) are kind of fascinating.

Also the Thrill Cast, of course. I listen on looooong drives, and I now associate Molcher's voice with the need to urinate.

- Trout


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Re: Podcasts
« Reply #32 on: 09 March, 2017, 10:11:37 am »
Recently blasted through Untold : The Daniel Morgan Murder podcast

Thanks for the recommendation. Its appeal is similar to that of Serial, which I assume most people here will have listened to already (if not, highly recommended).

Not a problem, fella.

The Bret Easton Ellis podcast with John Carpenter couldn't be recommended highly enough. Great stuff.


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Re: Podcasts
« Reply #33 on: 12 March, 2017, 11:35:24 am »
Athletico Mince, with Bob Mortimer and Andy Something-or-Other. Originally a football podcast but they kind of gave up on that ages ago. I don't like football but AM makes me laugh out loud every time.
You'll have a lot of listening to do to catch up on running jokes, but it's worth it.
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Supreme Pizza Of The DPRK

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Re: Podcasts
« Reply #34 on: 18 April, 2017, 09:57:16 pm »
I second Athletico Mince. Me and my dad listen to them on long car journeys. Don't be put off by the football thing. I knew nothing about football, but thanks to AM I immediately knew who he was when I saw Steve McLaren on the telly thanks to his "hair island, it's my hair island!"

On a side note, I wonder if Andy peruses the boards since he's one of those comic book people?

Can't recommend it enough. So many laughs.