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Author Topic: 2000AD Collection for sale (~900 progs, starting at 100). Will split collection.  (Read 182 times)


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Progs in the range 100-1526 For Sale

Having completed my collection of the first 1,500 or so progs, I'm selling off my doubles!

I have multiple spare copies of some progs, including issues with free gifts. I am happy to break up the collection. I'd prefer to sell in batches of 100 or so but I don't mind if you want to cherry-pick the progs you want.


All are at least F condition (with a few exceptions noted below).

Many are VF, many have no newsagents marks.

I don't have time to grade each prog but feel free to ask if you are after a particular issue.


Nominally £1 each, £5 for progs with a free gift attached. Plus postage at cost (see caveat below). Feel free to make me an offer, particularly if you want to buy the whole collection or for bulk buying of progs >500.

Caveat: I live in France, so postage costs are going to be higher than in the UK. To give you an idea, a 10 Kg box costs €35 with La Poste (estimate other weights online at https://boutique.laposte.fr/affranchissement-a-domicile/colissimo-en-ligne/tarifs). I can give you a firm postage quote before you commit, or feel free to arrange collection with your own choice of courier.

I do travel to the UK from time to time, mostly London and Belfast, so if you want to save on postage and don't mind waiting a few months that might be another option.

List of Progs

200-299 (208,213,219 in poor condition)
700-799 (773 in poor condition)
902-905,907-912,914-919,922-934,936-939,941-966,968-972,974-976 (900s generally in G condition)
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I would very much like 200-299 if still available and it would be shipping to the UK.
Kind regards


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Hi - I'd be interested in 100-199. Can you give me an Idea of postage cost?