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News / Re: Mezco Judge Dredd - Cursed Earth..?
« Last post by Pete Wells on Today at 07:08:07 AM »
The thing is, now I've ordered the normal Dredd (well, two of 'em actually) and the lovely Cursed Earth version, I'm going to need at least two Lawmasters!  :lol:

I saw an interview with a Mezco guy who said the Lawmaster would have working lights and computer screen and such. I can't wait!!!
Creative Common / Re: The Dredd Head drawing thread!
« Last post by Pete Wells on Today at 07:02:20 AM »
An oldie that I drew as a thank you,  unfortunatly can't remember who it was for.

News / Re: New 2000AD Covers Blog
« Last post by Pete Wells on Today at 06:59:17 AM »
Thanks Hawkmonger, it's genuinely a pleasure to write!

Today, we have the making of Richard Elson's explosive finale to Breaking Bud! It features one of my worst puns ever, of which I am both particularly proud and deeply ashamed!

Books & Comics / Re: Whats everyone reading?
« Last post by Colin_YNWA on Today at 06:58:00 AM »
That's pretty much where I find my thoughts on Miller and Janson's (never leave out Klaus, not that you do of course) run. Its very good for its time but hasn't aged too well. As a massive DD fan there are quite a few runs that I prefer so much more.

Inking though is sublime.
Film & TV / Re: Mad Max - Fury Road
« Last post by Colin_YNWA on Today at 06:50:02 AM »
I hadn't registered how little people speak on the first viewing, but as soon as more than two lines were exchanged this time, I became acutely aware that no one had really said anything for ten minutes.

And yet we still learn so much about the people and their world -at first, I was one of those "it's just the chase scene out of MM2" idiots, but I've come to realise just how much compressed storytelling there was - they've managed to subliminally cram in more plot than you could shake a mutated dingo at.

Yeah that was what impressed me most. There was almost a Wagnerian (it is a term, I looked it up) use of dialogue which pushed plot and character forward a wonderful amount. It did leave the film with a minor problem (very, very minor) it made Max's narrators voice over feel a bit silly and laboured, but ya know that was so easy to get over.

A brilliantly realised and full story.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by inkymonkey on Today at 05:55:52 AM »
Dark City: Great film saw it when it was first released. On rewatching I was surprised by many comparisons with the (much later) Matrix Trilogy.

Kingsman: Excellent spy romp full of laughs and absolutely mental fight scenes.


Ha! I worked on Dark City - the Australian producer on that, Andrew Mason was wandering through the art department one day with a script under his arm.  We asked him whether it was any good - he shrugged and muttered something about two American brothers who were pestering him to do it, but he was worried the director of Dark City would find too many parallels and get pissed off.

Well, he ended up producing it, and the director of Dark City DID get pissed off..! They haven't worked together again since. And that final battle in Matrix Revolutions is weirdly close in scale and style to the original final battle in Dark City, before budgetary issues caused it to be scaled back... Hmmm.
Has there been another thrillcast? I thought they would be posted in this thread when they came out

Ah, I didn't realise it hadn't been announced. I just got it because it automatically loaded up my my iTunes. I recommend a listen - it's another good one!
General / Re: how to do a prog slog
« Last post by Dash Decent on Today at 04:08:57 AM »
I'm thinking of some sort of blog - trying to think of some sort of angle that others haven't covered before (though if I can't , I'll probably just do it anyway).  First things first - got to come up with a name for it... 

Strontium Blog
« Last post by ThryllSeekyr on Today at 02:25:39 AM »
Of course, I found the older film better, but Conan never really been properly cast.

If you've seen some of the original illustrations of him.

Arnie is the closest they have gotten and for a lot of people even myself that is good enough.

Especially, if he is invited to return to role.
General / Re: Ebay watch.
« Last post by Dandontdare on Today at 12:54:33 AM »
100% + premium on recent sales?  Methinks someone is not thinking too clearly.

I don't understand what this means?

I just shuddered when I aw that back page scan - I remember meticulously cutting up several progs and gluing them to card  to make a shit game that i could never persuade anyone to play more than once.
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