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Games / Re: New Warhammer Games
« Last post by ThryllSeekyr on Today at 03:36:17 AM »
Been playing the new Blood Bowl game all morning and have won two matches so far against some other humans or Bretonian players and some Ork team called the Death-Heads, some Dwarves or Squats called Grudge-Bearers or something like that. Then the game suddenly introduces the Turn-over rule where you forego the rest of your turn if you roll a one. Another words, if you fumble the catching/throwing the ball, running the full extent of your movement, or smacking one of the opposing side. Since then, I had less than half the chance I started with and the current opposing team are High-Elves. Who have won three games after replaying the same match twice in the campaign mode.

While I find the game a huge improvement and more bearable to play over it's predessesor. Without being able to clearly identify why I do like this one better.  I will add that it's seems to have more of personal touch, better graphic and I'd like to repeat that it does have a personal touch. Everything does, right down to the individual players. Supposedly, they each have they're own A.I. or at least their teams do are supposed have individual A.I.. I'm not so sure as far as I have gotten into this game. It's hard to tell and this is where it's a lot like the other Blood-Bowl games before it. The computer controlled player have the individually of robots no that disimilar from each other.

Sure, the arrogance High-Elves play out their hubris once they have scored a goal and won the match, but whilst playing they are just like anybody lese. 

Graphically, everything is drawn with that much more detail than before and if it wasn't noticeable in the earlier games, then each player looks different from the one next to them and so on. The stadiums are more interesting...so how. Well, at least the fans sitting on the large wooden steps seem to be more numerous and varied than they were last time. I definitely had a problem with how you kept seeing the same group of people or demi-humans and monsters sitting in a small group anytime the auto-cam would sing into and zoom in on them to see them boo or cheer.  This time around it's not so easy to see them all, you just get a vague look at them through what camera angle the game is at while panning the cursor hand up and down and left and right.

I do have some issues with what could be missing animations or cinematics that should have ben included when a certain trio of men come over to stomp on the Nads of some unfortunate player before this scene is abruptly cut back to the playing field with now evidence of this ever happening. There is also the customary fans running onto the field to help or hurt somebody playing and it only says on box with some pretty illustration (I love some of the art work they use here, and it was used a lot in the previous games as well!) and some text explaining what's going on.  I'd rather see this happening than just read about (Sorry to say, I couldn't make video of the my game play, since have no hard-drive space!) it! There is a half-time sequence where you just suddenly see both sides rushing off in the same direction with out warning like it's not meant to have one. There a real break in the transition here that is almost game breaking and then the screen goes black after a match finish's........again with the break transition. These definitely need fixing if they want to improve quality of their game.

If you play the campaign like I did.....You are treated to studio view of place where Bob the Ogre and Jim the um.....Vampire do their commentary like real sports caster. Aside from my surprise over what Jim turned out to be.. I found their usual babble not much more interesting than what it had been in the earlier games, but this was one of things that was hard to beat from the start. It adds life to this game like we are watching a real football or soccer game and there is bit of plot that unfold as well.

You need to play to find out more though....   

A game I forgot to mention and it's still in Early-Access....

Mordheim: City of the Damned

Especially, if you like the Skaven or like whupping their taily butts. Me, I just don't get this game, it seemed pretty broken when first trying it out earlier this year after purchasing it. I t' like I need to play a group of locals or the Skaven them selves, but I'm controlling more than one of them and it might be that I need some other people to play co-op with me. I sure hope they have improved this one a lot since I last looked at it.
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who Season 9
« Last post by Grant Goggans on Today at 03:22:19 AM »
Loved that.  Loved that to pieces.  Anybody who didn't love that has coal instead of a heart.  I can't wait for next week.
Music / Re: Upcoming Gigs
« Last post by Jacqusie on Today at 02:54:56 AM »
The Missus wants to go and see Big Country as part of her Birthday Pressie...

*sigh* the things you do for love...
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by shaolin_monkey on Today at 01:56:53 AM »
John Wick - woah! I heard it was good, but wasn't expecting that!! Best Keanu Reeves film since The Matrix. Excellent!!
Announcements / Re: 3A Toys/Rebellion Press Release
« Last post by COMMANDO FORCES on Today at 01:50:29 AM »
3A answered a few questions that people had murmured on my facebook page.

It's our modified Lawmaster Mk1 with McMahon style cannons. This photo is pretty filtered and taken from off a monitor screen so a lot of the paint/detail is washed out and not final.

Not sure where the SDCC rumor has come from. Lawmasters will be open for all. Not long now!
Prog / Re: Prog 1951 - Fall in with BAD COMPANY
« Last post by Jacqusie on Today at 01:39:54 AM »

Cover - As the tag line suggests we have a lovely Bad Company cover by Rufus Dayglo. I love speech balloons on covers and I also love that logo!

Yes, loving that big lovely yellow BC logo... great cover and Danny's rather banal question to Kano did get me wondering what his reply might be?

"They did my nails, hair and lippy in a gorgeous shade of fushia pink... what do YOU think Franks?"

General / Re: Bad Guys
« Last post by Jacqusie on Today at 01:32:30 AM »
Elfric in Slaine has always been a royal pain in the arse, he's kinda immortal too & won't seem to die. The Shit.
Megazine / Re: Megazine 364 - The Spirit of the law
« Last post by Jacqusie on Today at 01:28:05 AM »

The interrogations are getting to a point where the artist/writer often only has a tangential connection with the House of Tharg.

They are rather getting rather tiresome.

I really don't like skipping anything in the Meg or the Prog, but over the last year or two, I've found myself reading the Interrogations out of loyalty to the droids if nothing else. Now these guys are only very loosly connected to The house of Tharg, it's getting harder to raise any interest... bit like the floppy really.

So, bin them & the floppy - use a txt story instead for NEW writers, get the MEG back under £5 and it might make for an all round more enjoyable purchase I reckon...
Events / Re: Edinburgh Shedcon 3rd October 2015
« Last post by Fungus on Today at 01:25:24 AM »
Pics and that Edinburgh too - beat that Southers!

Prog / Re: Prog 1950 - YOU FEEL LUCKY, PUNKS?
« Last post by Fungus on 03 October, 2015, 11:58:31 PM »
Took a special look at Devo's boots in FP Edinburgh. They're huge?
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