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News / Re: 2000 AD Dan Dare reprinted
« Last post by Mike Carroll on Today at 04:02:41 AM »
All it needs now is that Michael Carroll & Dave Gibbons ending.

Man, I'm SO tempted to strongly hint that such a thing might be happening... But it's not.

(But if The Mighty One wants to give me a call, I'm up for it!)

-- Mike

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« Last post by ZenArcade on Today at 03:07:41 AM »
Ok Grugz make that the sole comment on Tordel's pun. Z
Welcome to the board / Re: Is this thing on?
« Last post by Fungus on Today at 01:52:30 AM »
Welcome Echidna. I don't know about subscribing as such, but get the weekly prog habit in whatever way suits  :)  Just get the prog (and Meg). As good now as it's ever been.
True, and I'd love to see 50 piled-up progs each Wednesday in WH Smith's when I pop in for my weekly prog (and monthly Meg). Thing is, the grumpies I encounter are all of shaving age. They are poring over tattoo and hi-fi mags, which in turn makes me wait awhile. 'Are they reading the whole mag?' I ask myself, sometimes aloud if the mood takes me.

Callow youths picking up the prog on high street, not something I can see happening. Picking it up digitally because their Facebook 'friends' suggest it, perhaps. How can I feel so old when I have all my own teeth?
Prog / Re: Prog 1905 - High Plains Shifter
« Last post by Robert Frazer on Today at 01:30:53 AM »
There isn't a countdown in numerals in Julius Ceasar, I think that they were just making the Roman connection explicit.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Robert Frazer on Today at 01:29:24 AM »
It must have been a slow day in the Independent news room on Tuesday, because they gave a front-page column and an entire interior page to the tiresome Argentine bleating over the Falklands (like when dog bites man, this is not news). I fired a letter off to the paper complaining about their hypocrisy because it's actually the case that today, with all the land stolen from Mapuche Indians, Argentina is a bigger colonial power than we are! They printed it as well, which was a nice treat over this morning's cornflakes.

Books & Comics / Re: Paragon issue 17 - spoiler light
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on Today at 01:21:26 AM »
Indeed and yes - that's the one :-D
Events / Re: Future Shock! Doc Gathering - 28th October London
« Last post by maryanddavid on Today at 12:42:33 AM »
Looking forward to seeing this, I Doug Church was due to be involved  but he decided against it at the last minute. For those of you lamenting Steve MacManus's lack of involvement he is at work on him memoirs, heading towards Crisis!

Do that and stop molesting our childhoods.


I really meant is this Casey (Not Kasey!) Jones?

Which might have been kind of dumb.....

Might have been a modern day Slaine from New York without the trademark hockey mask.

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