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General / Re: Judge Fargo's Long Lost Relative?
« Last post by Steve Green on Today at 09:29:41 PM »
The original strip had it being taught as a lesson in a Mega City classroom, but that was dropped in the collections.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Magnetica on Today at 08:44:59 PM »
Watched Looper last night on BBC2.

The cityscape reminded me a bit of Blade Runner. The "helicopters", or what ever they were, reminded me of the robots gunships in Terminator and the plot, well that reminded me of Terminator as well.

Pretty good film over all.
Film & TV / Re: IMDb Top 250 - The Quest!
« Last post by Buttonman on Today at 08:43:20 PM »
Beauty and the Beast DVD - IMDb No. 246/250 I know I'm not the target audience but I didn't enjoy this romp of singing teapots and dubious domestic arrangements. Animation not in the league of the likes of 'Toy Story' and the songs were poor apart from that one Mr Burns ripped off for his greyhound vest.
Classifieds / Re: Collectibles for sale
« Last post by strontium71 on Today at 08:02:42 PM »
Recent was easier as that's the stuff at the top of the boxes  :)

As for lists -

Judge Penguin
Mars Attacks Judge Dredd figure
Dredd 3D Russian Blu-Ray sealed
General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills!
« Last post by Colin_YNWA on Today at 07:40:20 PM »
Looks like Metalzoic is getting a reprint, from DC. Tucked in article from Bleeding Cool about DCs uo coming releases is this little gem.

Following up on Marshall Law, Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill get their Metalzoic series reprinted.

Full article (with some other interesting none tooth stuff coming up including the long awaited (well by some) GMozz Wonder Woman Earth 1  book)

Creative Common / Re: Does my Art look big in this?
« Last post by Hawkmonger on Today at 07:40:02 PM »
Jesus christ Dilworth! :o
Prog / Re: 1924 - New readers Start Here!
« Last post by Butch on Today at 07:27:03 PM »
I am not sure about this Dredd flipping out story arc though - Dredd has been through a lot worse than Titan before and I would expect that if he thought his judgement was impaired in any way he would ask to be put on the bench.

Is there a kid around? It's usually a letter from a dead moppet that sets Dredd off doubting himself or the system. Sometimes a lecture from a talking cat. As it isn't 1997 anymore, Wikipedia is probably more helpful to a (rare & hypothetical) first time reader than a one page summary, but maybe the nineties is long ago enough for nods to the Bishop era to have become charmingly retro again.

Games / Re: John Caliber's Munce Roolz
« Last post by ZenArcade on Today at 07:23:46 PM »
What happened to John Calibre, I'd love to read that city of Dredd. Z
Events / Re: International Comics Expo (ICE) Birmingham Sept 2015
« Last post by Spikes on Today at 06:28:46 PM »
And just bought a couple of tickets, so I'll be there.
Summat to look forward to in September!
Classifieds / Re: Judge Dredd - White Dwarf
« Last post by Colin_YNWA on Today at 06:24:37 PM »
PM'd yah
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