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General / Re: Buttonman may be quite poorly.
« Last post by Mattofthespurs on Today at 08:18:03 AM »

Not seen anything as embarrassing since Nelson said 'Kiss me, Hardy' and then it turned out he only had a bit of a cold.


Glad to see you're on the mend.

Get well soon.
Off Topic / Re: New "Spoof News" Site
« Last post by Tordelback on Today at 08:07:48 AM »
Peter posts some pretty interesting stuff about antiques and the value of vernacular architecture. But I'd be lying if I said that accounted for all 66k.

Fun stuff there BCB!
Film & TV / Re: Marvel films thread.
« Last post by Tordelback on Today at 07:49:31 AM »
Hmm, execs unhappy with returns on Amazing Spidey 2. Solution: a black lead for the reboot. You know, that probably isn't going to happen.
Off Topic / Re: Y'know what really grinds my gears?
« Last post by JayzusB.Christ on Today at 07:37:31 AM »
ah country cyclists are a breeze - try dealing with cyclists in  a city that has spent a fortune putting cycle paths alongside every road but who still insist on riding on the pavement and giving you a hard time if you don't get out of the way

Are you over 12? If yes, get on the fucking road with the rest of the wheeled traffic.

Oh, and red traffic lights apply to you twats too - you may be able to get through the junction without being hit by a car, but pedestrians use that gap to CROSS the road and don't want to be hit by your lycra-clad twattishness..

This.  Cycling should indeed be encouraged but I'm sick of these feckers.  I try to make a point of shouting abuse at the red-light-breaking cunts whenever they do it.
Creative Common / Re: Does my Art look big in this?
« Last post by Albion on Today at 07:36:55 AM »
Creative Common / Re: PARAGONcomic needs YOU!
« Last post by Daveycandlish on Today at 07:33:04 AM »
On the mooch for another artist again;
Anyone fancy drawing a Jikan/Star Trek mash up?
Fine idea, but the two groups of "people who buy computer games" and "people who remember MASH" are presumably not big enough for this to get off the ground.
News / Re: Strontium Dog Fan Film
« Last post by ZenArcade on Today at 07:27:35 AM »
Gotta agree with Jacqusie, Johnny and Wolf look fantastic. Z
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Famous Mortimer on Today at 07:23:59 AM »
That's Adequate! (1989)

Bruce Willis, Robert Downey Jr, Ben Stiller

Listed as 1986 in the credits, it reminds me of what I imagine "Movie 43" is like - a whole bunch of sketches with people who were asked to do favours for the producer, where a camera would turn up at the actual movie they were working on for 20 minutes and have them film a bit of something. This is a mockumentary about Adequate Films, and it's a combination of heavily re-edited public domain footage, sketches masquerading as clips from their many films and TV shows, and interviews with the people involved. Quite a lot of it's improvised as well.

It's a strange one, as you'd think with just those names involved, someone would have re-released it down the years, but it's on VHS and nothing else. If you can track it down, it's worth a watch.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0icnaxzOnA (the Robert Downey Jr sketch, "Einstein On The Bounty")
General / Re: Need help on what to buy and what not to buy.
« Last post by Colin_YNWA on Today at 06:18:20 AM »
Wow Dark Jimbo that's great. Not seen that before and a very useful response to questions such as this. Is it something you whipped up or discovered elsewhere?
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